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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Dive Kota Kinabalu

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TARP)  features five beautiful islands Gaya, Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug. This famous marine park has been a marine park since 1974. With continuous conservation efforts throughout the year, this marine park is now home to vast varities of marine life.


TARP is a great place for all divers of different dive experience. With more than 20 dive sites here, it is fantastic for beginners and also experienced divers. The climate is warm and we can dive all year round.


Considering it is only 15 minutes by boat from Kota Kinabalu, this is an ideal scuba diving location for all scuba divers during their holiday in Kota Kinabalu.




This is the largest island in the park. Dive sites around this Island range from 5m to over 30m. Macro life such as Nudibranch, Frog Fish, Seahorses, as well as larger marine life such as Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks, Barracuda can be seen.


This is the most popular island in the park and features one of the nicest beaches. Diving ranges from 8m to 25m Stingrays, Fusiliers, Moray Eels, nudibranchs, Anemone Fish can be seen.



The second largest island in the park has some good stretches of beaches on the southern coastline. Dive sites vary from 7m to 25m which makes this island ideal for all levels of divers. Macro life such as Shrimps and Nudibranchs can be seen.



This is the smallest of the Islands within the park. Despite being the smallest, the island offers some good beaches and coral reefs. Lots of rare macro life such as Frog fish, Lion Fish, Nudibranchs can be seen.



Sulug is the farthest island of them all. Considered relatively untouched and remote, the diving here is ranked among the best in the marine park with common sightings of Sea Turtles, Rays, Frog Fish, Nudibranchs, and abundance of marine life.


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